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Boat ‘Arlena’ relaunched

Murex has a special bond with our boat builder. Our founder Dr. Batuna, sponsored this gentleman to go to trade school to learn how to build boats. Since that time Murex and [email protected] have had most of our boats built by Bas Mat our neighbour, friend and local boat builder. In fact, we have just newly built and re-built our fleet.

After 2 months of rebuilding, Arlena is ready to be relaunched. You would be amazed at how quickly this process went. High tide is the best time to launch a boat and the tide waits for NO man. At 5:30am lines were tied around the hull so our 40 man team could push and pull Arlena to the water. The local villagers showed up around 6:10am and by 6:25, she was in the water. Named after Dr. and Mrs. Batuna’s youngest daughter, Arelena is the latest dive boat to be launched here at Murex. Come aboard, she’s ready to take divers!


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