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North Sulawesi, Indonesia Special

Soft Corals in all colors

One of our agents, Maduro, has posted a very interesting article about North Sulawesi, its history and geographical position that makes it perfect for your diving holiday.

“You’ve probably heard of the Coral Triangle where the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea collide and infuse each other with nutrients and where different species of fish and invertebrates intermingle with scuba divers from every culture around the world? You haven’t? Well, before we go in depth on this incredible zone of creatures, critters, and coral cornucopias, we should mention the country that hosts this unique spot in the world.”

Follow this link to part one of their North Sulawesi, Indonesia special.

Follow this link to part two of their North Sulawesi, Indonesia special.

Going on our Passport to Paradise will give you the perfect opportunity to explore 3 Distinctive Dive Destinations, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh and experience the diversity that this package has to offer. Record fish count catapults us to second place, making us a divers top choice in dive destinations.




Dive, Snorkel and Explore More with us in beautiful North Sulawesi.

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