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Emergency Response Exercises & Basic First Aid Training

Last month it was time for our annual Emergency Response Exercises & Basic First Aid Training. We do this exercise every year to refreshen our staff’s rescue skills and to teach new staff members these skills. The skills are mainly focused on diving related incidents but the basic CPR skills and oxygen use can also be used at home, on the street or anywhere an accident can happen. Our staff is always very eager to learn these skills.

The training consists out of CPR training on land, rescuing an unconscious diver at the surface and rescuing an unconscious diver from several meters deep in the water followed up by the response from the staff on land or on the boat.

The first rescue training took place at Lembeh Resort and the [email protected] dive center in the beginning of May. The training here was collaboration of all 3 operations (Murex Dive Resorts, Lembeh Resort and [email protected]) and showed how close we operate together. Excellent teamwork made these 3 days very successful.

On 28.05 and 29.05.2014 it was Murex Resorts’s in Manado turn. Some of the staff had already joined the training in Lembeh but for several of the staff this was a complete new experience. Even Danny’s and Angelique’s children joined the exercise because you are never to young to start learning these skills.

Last but not least, on 30.05.2014 we did the exercise on Bangka. Especially here the exercise is important because you are far away from medical attention. Good response by our staff will make the difference between life and death.

All in all the exercises were a big success and you can feel very safe while diving with Murex Dive Resorts, [email protected] and Lembeh Resort.


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