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World Clean Up Day at Murex Dive Resorts

September 15th was World Clean Up Day 2018 and at both Murex Manado and Murex Bangka we wanted to be a part of this international day to clean up our beaches and reefs.

At Murex Manado we made an early start in the morning on cleaning our three beach areas. Before the dive boats left for diving Bunaken Marine Park in the morning we had already collected more than 10 sacks of plastic and other waste. The most common items that we found were plastic straws (which is why we do not dispense plastic straws in either of our resorts), bottle, caps, packets and single use plastic cups.

Clean Up Day Murex Manado

Murex Manado Team cleaning the beaches early in the morning

Manado Clean Up

Working hard to clean up at Murex Manado

During our two dives in Bunaken our divers were armed with mesh clean up bags as they cruised along the world class dive sites of the marine park. During the dives we picked up any plastic and debris we found along the way – which was reassuringly little!

Bunaken clean up dive

Diving at Bunaken we found little rubbish along the way

At Murex Bangka it was a similar story as our team (19 members of Murex Bangka staff) took to cleaning the beach after breakfast. One of the highlights of Murex Bangka is the resorts location, set on it’s own private white sand beach.

Bangka Clean Up

Ready to start the clean up at Murex Bangka

We look after our beach on a daily basis by picking up any stray items of debris that have washed ashore. We are extremely fortunate that this is usually extremely little (small drinking straws, cups, bottle and caps are the most commonly found items) and most items that do wash up are natural debris such as coconuts and drift wood.

To make a difference on World Clean Up Day 2018 we cleaned the beach and around the rocky outcroppings and in places where trash accumulates but is seldom seen.

Bangka clean up

Bangka Beach Clean Up 2018

Our clean up dives (3 boats, 17 guests, 17 staff including captains) took us to both the Sulawesi mainland and to Talise Island. As in Murex Manado, we dived with mesh bags and while the deeper reefs were clean we found plastics and other debris on the shallow sandy patches. In total at Murex Bangka we managed to remove 90kgs of debris from the ocean and beaches!

Clean Up Murex

Angelique Batuna joined the clean up teams

Manado Clean Up 2018

Well done to everyone who took part at both Murex Dive Resorts

Murex Bangka Clean Up

Cleaning our beautiful beach at Murex Bangka

At Murex Dive Resorts we have a long history in conservation and the preservation of our phenomenal marine environments so our teams were extremely enthusiastic to take part in this epic event. Thank you to all Murex Staff and especially to Murex Guests who joined forces to clean up North Sulawesi together!

Explore and dive North Sulawesi

Explore three distinct destinations in North Sulawesi

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We look forward to welcoming you to Murex Dive Resorts soon.



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