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Day Trips, Tours & Things To Do In North Sulawesi

Here you’ll find our most popular tours and activities which showcase some of the special wildlife, nature and cultural aspects of North Sulawesi.
If you are looking for a varied and exciting all-inclusive package which encompasses all of the highlights of this beautiful region, full board accommodation and transfers, we can tailor make your stay around you.
Sulawesi Tours

Wildlife & Easy Trek

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Full Day - USD 112 / IDR 1,680,000 per person (min. 2 people)

This tour is an absolute must for any nature lovers! The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is an area of dense forestry, based at the foot of the Dua Suadara Mountain.


As we take a walk through the park, not only will you be able to see troops of the endemic Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque in the wild, cuscus and the Tarsier monkeys (the world’s smallest primate) which become active in the late afternoon.


Ornithologists will be in their element as we often spot Hornbills, Lori birds and other tropic and native species.



USD 130 / IDR 1,950,000 per person (minimum 2 people)

Take to the skies and see North Sulawesi from the air. You’ll take an incredible tandem paragliding flight with a professional instructor and see the landscape of the mainland and the islands of the Bunaken Marine Park from a birds-eye view.


This is a phenomenal opportunity that we are extremely excited to be able to offer at Murex Resorts – now you really can combine land, sea, and air in one trip!


Paragliding tours operate out of Tumpa, which is a 30-45 minute car journey from Murex Manado. Surcharges apply for transfers from Murex Bangka Resort.

paragliding Manado

Fun & Nature

Whitewater Rafting

USD 110 / IDR 1,650,000 per person (minimum 2 people)

Experience the thrills and spills of white water rafting in North Sulawesi.


As you travel down the river you’ll find adrenaline pumping rapids as well as calm stretches where you can admire the stunning rural scenery and tropical jungle which you pass through.


The tour includes full instruction, life vests and helmets and is an exciting adventure for all ages.


Cooking Classes

USD 25 / IDR 400,000 per person (minimum 2 people - price is for in house guests)

Discover the secrets behind the flavors of Asia with a cookery class while you are here. Learn about the different herbs and spices which are used in both traditional Indonesian and Manadonese classic dishes and make them with the guidance of an experienced teacher.


Many of the spices are grown here in North Sulawesi and form part of Manado’s rich history as a trading point where merchants from the west would come to buy these exotic culinary rarities.


You’ll make a selection of dishes – and of course, you’ll enjoy tasting them afterwards. For foodies and those who like hands-on activities, this is a must!

cooking class spice


Minahasan Highlands Tour

USD 87 / IDR 1,300,000 per person (minimum 2 people)

If you want to experience the nature, culture, traditions, people, and the daily way of life in North Sulawesi, a tour of the highlands is a must. There are numerous places to visit and we can tailor your day trip around what you would like to see most. Highlights of the area include:


Tomohon Traditional Markets – The highland climates are perfect for growing a variety of plants, flowers, spices, fruits, and vegetables. Visit both the traditional flower, fruits, and vegetable market where the local ladies cook traditional sweet treats according to age-old methods. You’ll also find vendors selling dried fish, herbs, spices, and a variety of traditional ingredients.


Woloan & Pulutan Villages – Visit the local villages where specialized industries are booming. See traditional Minahasan houses being built and traditional pottery being made.


Lake Linow – The colors of this lake change due to the high sulphur content in the surrounding rock and the changing light. Many bird species make this area their home. Watch out for bubbling mud holes as you walk around. This is a lovely spot to enjoy a cold drink and soak up the views.


Mahawu Volcano

The journey to Mahawu Volcano takes you through the beautiful Minahasan Highlands to the town of Tomohon. Arriving at the Ranger Station at the base of Mount Mahawu there are steps that lead to the crater’s edge where you can enjoy amazing views of Bunaken and Manado Tua Islands. If you choose you can also take the circular trek around the crater’s edge. After working up an appetite we stop for lunch at either Lake Tondano or a local restaurant that serves traditional Minahasan cuisine. This tour can also be integrated into our Minahasan highland tour.


Lake Tondano – The largest lake in the region and the second largest in Indonesia. The flat land surrounding the lakes is perfect for growing rice, one of the main livelihoods in this area. We usually enjoy lunch in one of the small restaurants on stilts overlooking the lake.


Waruga – These are historical Minahasan stone graves. Listen to the local caretaker tell you the history of this fascinating tradition. The journey to and from Tondano to this location is absolutely stunning with sweeping vistas of coconut and spice trees.

Mahawu Volcano
Tomohon Traditional Market
Lake Tondano
Ancient Waruga
Lake Linow Land Tour

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