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We Have Gone Solar at Murex Bangka!

We are delighted to announce that we have now installed 38 solar panels at our Murex Bangka Island Resort! The new panels have been placed behind the resort and will supply us with a more reliable and eco friendly source of electricity. We are extremely proud to be leading the way in energy efficiency on the island!

Solar Bangka

The Murex team worked along side SPI with during the installation of the panels

The power generated by the solar panels can be used directly or stored in a battery bank and used later. This means that even on days when we don’t have sunshine we will still have power.

Solar power

The installation process was hard work – a big “thank you” to all involved!

On Bangka Island electricity and water are precious resources and we aim to be as conservative as possible in our daily usage. Having our own supply of solar powered electricity is a huge step forward for us and one that we are looking forward to sharing with our guests.

Solar Bangka

Part way through the solar panel installation process

The panels were supplied and installed by SPI (Solar Power Indonesia) and we’d like to say a big thank you to SPI and to Gusti, Asep, and Agus who worked along side our Murex Team during the installation. Transporting 38 huge solar panels to Bangka Island was no small feat!

Each panel can generate 285W which gives us a total power generation of 10.83KW – and we are already enjoying the electricity.

Solar Bangka

The solar panels are now in place

Are you planning your next trip to North Sulawesi? Why not come and visit us at Murex Bangka? Bangka is home to some of the most vibrant reefs in Indonesia and offers a diverse array of marine life from dugongs to nudibranch and everything in between!

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We look forward to welcoming you to Murex Dive Resorts soon.




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