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Japanese Guest Relations at Murex Bangka

We are delighted to welcome Satoshi Morimoto to our team here in North Sulawesi. Satoshi, who is a PADI Scuba Instructor has joined us as our Japanese Guest Relations Officer for Murex Bangka. Satoshi originates from Tokyo and comes to us after spending the last three years working in Cairns, Australia on the Great Barrier Reef.

Satoshi will be assisting our Japanese guests when they are booking, during their stays on Bangka Island and those taking a Passport to Paradise, as well as joining our Japanese speaking team at dive shows and events in Japan.

Satoshi is extremely excited about his move to Indonesia where he has already fallen in love with the nature of North Sulawesi. Growing up in Tokyo, Satoshi missed being among wildlife and in 2012 he moved to Fiji to study English before finding employment in Cairns.

Japanese guest relations

Satoshi is looking forward to meeting Japanese divers in North Sulawesi

Satoshi developed a passion for customer service in Australia where he was able to share his love of the underwater world with other Japanese divers. Satoshi is looking forward to being able to do the same here on Bangka Island where he loves the idyllic white sand beach and vibrant soft coral reefs.

Satoshi says that Indonesia is a very special place, “Nature is a big part of life here. Murex Bangka resort is in the most stunning location. The white sand beach, tropical palm trees and the rainforest behind the resort make it like a postcard. Everywhere you look, you can see nature and wildlife – it’s very relaxing and very different to Tokyo. Japanese divers will not only experience incredible reef diving, they’ll also be amazed by the breathtaking natural beauty around them – no cars, no buildings, just peace and calm”.

Satoshi is equally excited about the diverse diving and says he is becoming addicted to finding the unique critters which inhabit Bangka’s dive sites – especially frogfish and shrimps. Satoshi also enjoys underwater photography and he has no shortage of opportunities here in the North Sulawesi.

Japan DIve Center Sulawesi

Satoshi having fun diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

“Diving around Tokyo is very cold, especially during the winter months when the temperature is below 10 degrees and a dry suit is needed. The abundance of critters in the Lembeh Strait and the diversity of reef life around Bangka is phenomenal compared to that found around Tokyo where it could take a year of diving to see the number of species you see in North Sulawesi in a single dive. The marine biodiversity  is incredible, especially when you combine the regions of Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh in one trip with a Passport to Paradise”.

When Satoshi is not out diving or helping guests, he enjoys exploring and trying new experiences. “The people here are extremely friendly and warm, there are a lot of smiles and everyone genuinely tries to help. I have already visited some local villages as well as Manado City and I am excited about seeing more new places – and trying new food! When I was in Australia I missed Asian food culture and Indonesian cuisine has a similar culture to what we have in Japan and the ingredients are very similar. I think Japanese guests will be very happy with the food at Murex Bangka – there is such a lot of choice and Japanese people love fresh vegetables which are now increasingly difficult to purchase in Tokyo”.

Japanese dive center Indonesia

Satoshi is looking forward to exploring more with Japanese guests on a Passport to Paradise

If you see Satoshi at Murex Bangka or Murex Manado resort during your stay with us, please say hello (Kon’nichiwa) to him and wish him a welcome (Yōkoso) to North Sulawesi!

Passport to Paradise

Why not enhance your time in Indonesia and visit three phenomenal North Sulawesi diving destinations in one trip? Discover three of North Sulawesi’s most notable diving areas with a Passport to Paradise: Bunaken (including Manado Bay) -> Bangka -> Lembeh. Discover epic walls and wide-angle in the Bunaken Marine Park, kaleidoscopic reefs surrounding Bangka Island and the world’s most famous muck diving and Luxury Resort in the Lembeh Strait. With seamless boat diving transfers from resort to resort there’s no wasted transfer days and no gear drying or packing – just dive your way around North Sulawesi!

For more information, or to make a reservation please contact us at: (inquiries in Japanese are welcome and one of our Japanese speaking team will get right back to you).

We look forward to welcoming you to North Sulawesi and to Murex Dive Resorts soon!


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