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Dive, Discover & Protect North Sulawesi’s Reefs

The stunning reefs and rare marine life of North Sulawesi are well documented and we recognize that we are very fortunate to be based in such an incredible area. We are extremely privileged to have easy access to some of the best dive sites on the planet and at Murex Dive Resorts we encourage all divers to help us protect our thriving reefs.

Bangka Reef

Here are some simple steps which all divers can take to ensure that our corals and underwater environment continues to flourish:

Simple Steps of Environmental Protection

1. Take the weight off: Carrying more weight than you need will pull down the lower half of your body. Not only is this uncomfortable and means you’ll use more air, it also means that your fins are more likely to make contact with the bottom and our beautiful corals. If you have concerns about your buoyancy why not take a PADI Course while you are here? The PADI Advanced Open Water course includes 5 dives for developing your diving skills and perfecting your buoyancy.

2. Take only pictures and leave only bubbles: There is no better way to remember your holiday experience than by having beautiful images to take home with you. When taking your shots, maintain neutral buoyancy rather then “resting” on the bottom. Not only will this reduce silt clouds, it also ensures that our reef remains pristine.


3. Control your descent: Go down slowly and in a controlled manner – this will give you time to equalize and minimize the chance of making contact with the bottom.

4. Respect marine life: You’ll see some incredible creatures during your stay in North Sulawesi but remember that as divers, we are entering their environment. Passively observing marine life allows us to witness some of their incredible behaviors. Chasing marine life usually scares it away.


5. Be a green diver: If you see any trash on the reef we encourage you to pick it up but only if it is safe to do so. Be aware of any hidden dangers and don’t put yourself at risk. Likewise, if removing trash from the reef is likely to damage or break the coral, leave it behind.

6. Take your batteries home: there is no responsible way to dispose of batteries in North Sulawesi so if you are not using rechargeables please take your used batteries home with you – thank you!

Blue Ring Octopus

7. Learn about our marine life: Not only will knowing a bit more about the marine life of North Sulawesi enhance your experience underwater, you’ll be able to share your knowledge with divers around the world. Our amazing dive guides will write a list of what you saw during each dive on their underwater slates so you can add it to your logbook later.

8. Tell the world: Share your images of North Sulawesi on social media and help us to increase awareness of this stunning underwater environment.

Murx Facebook

Socia Media is the perfect way to share your images and spread reef conservation

Murex Dive Resorts supports the North Sulawesi Watersports Association in maintaining the reefs and marine life of North Sulawesi as well as encouraging safe diving practices together with environmental and sustainable tourism.

If you are planning to discover the wonders of North Sulawesi on your next diving holiday we’d love to welcome you to Murex Dive Resorts:

If you have a long holiday in Indonesia and want to learn how to dive, Why not discover three of North Sulawesi’s best diving areas in one incredible trip: Bunaken -> Bangka -> Lembeh? Join us for a Passport to Paradise and after diving the epic walls of the Bunaken Marine Park you’ll discover kaleidoscopic reefs surrounding Bangka Island and experience the world’s most famous muck diving and Luxury Resort in the Lembeh Strait. With seamless boat diving transfers from resort to resort there’s no wasted transfer days and no gear drying or packing – just dive your way around North Sulawesi!


Dive, Snorkel and Explore More with us in beautiful North Sulawesi.

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