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Couple visit Murex Resorts, North Sulawesi

Plan the Perfect Activities for Your Couple Getaways


Are you planning a couple of getaways for you and your loved one? There are certain key elements to couples’ getaways that, when included in your stay, ensure that you’ll have an unforgettable holiday that will create lasting memories for you and your partner.  


In this article, we look at these key elements in more detail, as well as a few added extras that can further enhance your experience. 

Activities for Couple Getaways at North Sulawesi

Immerse Yourselves in Luxury Resorts

Staying in a resort is one of the most comprehensive and convenient getaway accommodation types. If you are looking for a truly relaxing stay, opt for a full-board resort so you do not need to factor in or budget for the additional costs of dining out, local transport, or the possibility of visiting subpar restaurant establishments. In addition to enjoying three meals a day at your accommodation, many resorts have beautiful swimming pools or private beaches, onsite spas, and a range of activities that are included in your stay. 


Another benefit of a resort stay is that the staff will (or should) know your names and your schedule as your activities are being taken care of by one organisation rather than you trying to link together schedules offered by multiple operators. 

Murex Manado New Deluxe Cottage - Tridacna

Taking the Stress Out of Booking

For most of us, our getaway starts when we leave home or when we arrive at our destination. But actually, the beginning of the experience begins before that. It starts when making your reservation. Choose a reputable operator that has good reviews from people regarding their reservation and booking experiences. Start as you mean to go on and avoid any unnecessary stress before you’ve even started packing!


Here at Murex Resorts, our dedicated reservations team are on hand to assist you with your booking, take care of logistics, and provide you with recommendations that match yours and your partners wants, needs and interests. 


North Sulawesi Resort, Murex Resorts

Friendly, English speaking staff

Unforgettable Dining Experiences

It’s undeniable that dining is an important part of any getaway, short holiday, or longer vacation. A great dining experience on a couples getaway is not only about the food and drinks on offer – although without doubt, these should be the highlights. A phenomenal dining experience also encompasses the ambience, the setting and scenery, service and the overall ‘experience’ from start to finish. 


dining at Murex Bangka suitable for couple getaways

dining at Murex Bangka

Guided Snorkeling Adventures for Couples Getaways

Snorkeling is a great experience to enjoy together. With limited equipment and maximum enjoyment, you can literally step off the beach and explore our house reefs together at your own pace. 


Our knowledgeable team will help you discover hidden wonders, ensuring a safe and unforgettable underwater adventure together. Learn more about our snorkeling experiences and the fascinating creatures you might encounter by visiting our snorkeling Bunaken and Manado Bay guide page.


Learn Diving with Professionals

Learning to Dive for Your Couples Getaway

If you and your partner are thinking about getting certified to dive, you can start right away from home. 


The PADI Open Water course encompasses three components: dive theory, confined water (pool practice), and open water dives (in the ocean). With PADI eLearning you can complete the theory section online immediately – and together! 


Freediving with Murex Resorts

We are excited to offer AIDA freediving courses in North Sulawesi!  


Our freediving team includes national champions and record holders – who look forward to training new freedivers! 

Going Wild on Your Romantic Escape

It’s not only the phenomenal marine life and stunning reefs that draw people to North Sulawesi. Our region is also home to incredible terrestrial creatures too. The ‘mascot’ of North Sulawesi is the Tarsier monkey – the smallest of all primates on the planet and it’s possible to see these primates in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve.  


Taking a trek through the Tangkoko nature reserve is a once-in-a life-time experience. As well as tarsiers there is also the opportunity to see groups of up to 40 individual black Celebes crested macaques.  


For bird enthusiasts, there are kingfishers, birds of paradise, Maleo birds, hornbills, and the rare Sulawesi owls. 


Hornbill Tangkoko

Hornbill Tangkoko


If you are hoping to see an extra special moment, stay a little longer to get a sighting of a tarantula in its tree home 


Want to know more about the North Sulawesi endemic species that you will see? Check our articles that discuss endemic species that live in North Sulawesi. You can also encounter North Sulawesi’s Endemic Wonders with Murex Resorts Land Tours.


Spectral Tarsier at North Sulawesi with Murex Tangkoko Land Tour

Spectral Tarsier

Next Steps for Your Couple Getaways

If you would like to fun dive,  learn to dive, or if you want to take your next level of PADI Course with us, contact us by email and we will get right back to you. 


Just Married Couple Dive at Murex Resorts 



Three distinct destinations brought together by Passport to Paradise


If you are trying to decide where to stay in North Sulawesi then why not join us for a Passport to Paradise? Instead of limiting yourself to one destination, you can explore all three of our distinct diving destinations in one easy trip: Bunaken, Bangka , and Lembeh. 


Our resorts are connected by boat diving transfers which means no wasted travel time and even more time underwater as you simply dive your way from resort to resort. 



Contact us at You may also want to check out Murex Resorts’ rates and reserve your spot now. 

We look forward to welcoming you to North Sulawesi! 



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