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Shallow fringing reefs around Bangka Island

How to Arrange a Sustainable Trip in Indonesia

Are you in the process of planning your next trip to Indonesia? Is sustainability something that is close to your heart? Perhaps you are trying to find ways to make your travel as sustainable as possible? If so, read on to find out more about how to maximize your sustainability options while traveling.

Planning and Research

Murex Bangka Clean Up


Careful planning and doing some research in advance are essential if you don’t want to leave the sustainability of your trip to chance. Research operators via their websites and look out for their sustainability/conservation page or environmental commitment statements. You may also find this information included in the company’s vision and mission statements.


As a double check, take a look at your operators’ social media accounts. Social media is usually updated more often than websites – in many cases, daily. Look to see if their social media backs up their sustainability claims from the website. Are there images or videos of clean-ups, or other environmental or sustainability initiatives in action? If so, how recent are they?

Verifying Sustainability Claims

Green washing has become a relatively common phrase and it refers to when operators make claims regarding their sustainability that are not necessarily accurate. Social media is a great way to ensure that you are not being green washed and that an operator is walking the walk and not just talking the talk!

Responsible Air Travel

It’s inevitable that when visiting Indonesia, some form of air travel is required – whether short haul, long haul or domestic. There is no escaping the fact that air travel is not the most sustainable means of traveling, however, there are ways to compensate for your carbon footprint. Check what your chosen airline does to offset any negative impact they have on the environment and to see what options you have as an individual passenger. Some airlines with points schemes will allow passengers to relinquish their points in exchange for planting trees – a great way to give back to the environment!


Check what the airline’s policy is regarding single use plastics – particularly when it comes to inflight dining, for example, are they using plastic water bottles or reusable cups? Some airlines have made bold steps in terms of dining and inflight comfort packs which contain bamboo toothbrushes rather than plastic, travel socks made from recycled materials, and blankets that are sealed in bags made from casava.

Choosing Sustainable Accommodation

Murex bangka resort eco-friendly commitment


When choosing accommodation select somewhere to stay that has a strong sustainability statement, preferably with a ‘no single use plastic’ policy. Other points that you may want to consider and additional questions to ask include:

  • How the accommodation is powered – are they utilizing solar panels or other clean energy sources? 
  • Do they supply toiletries in refillable bottles? 
  • Do they recycle waste or have a composting facility? 
  • Where do they source their produce from – is it grown locally or imported?
  • What commitments do they make to supporting the local economy and local communities, for example, do they employ staff from the local area and do they provide training?
  • What else do they do to minimize or offset their carbon footprint?

If you can’t find the answers to these questions on the accommodations website or social media, don’t be afraid to ask in advance. Most operators who are taking steps to be as sustainable as possible will be all too happy to share this information with you!

Choosing Dive Operators Committed to Ocean Conservation

conservation at Murex resorts

The staff from Murex Bangka resort inspects acropora corals in the nursery which they have initiated a few years back, to replenish an area where corals had been lost.


Remember that dive operators rely on the ocean for their income so they should be doing everything possible to preserve their marine environments. Social media can be a big help here – look for posts about beach or underwater clean-ups, coral initiatives such as our Ocean Gardener projects and courses, developments on our coral nursery at Murex Bangka, or maybe an operator is posting updates about a marine species monitoring project. 


How do they serve refreshments on the boats – are they using plastic bottles or a large ‘gallon’ of water dispensed into reusable cups? Do they have mesh bags available for collecting marine debris, and be sure to ask if they have any clean-ups or other environmental projects taking place during your stay that you can get involved in.

Plastic and Packing

When packing for your trip be mindful of what goes into your luggage! In some parts of the world, waste disposal is not as efficient as in others. Avoid taking additional plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner etc if you can see that the accommodation already supplies these items. Avoid taking any unnecessary plastic that you will leave behind when you return home.


If you are traveling to a tropical destination, invest in coral reef friendly sunscreen – or better still, wear a rash guard to protect you from the sun without adding extra chemicals and coral suffocating substances to the ocean.

Promote the Underwater World

Snorkeling with Murex resorts


As a social media user, you can showcase the sustainable and eco-conscious side of your travels through captivating pictures. Did you participate in any local environmental events? Share those moments to inspire others to join the cause. For those with underwater cameras, don’t forget to capture the breathtaking beauty beneath the surface – your followers will thank you!

Find out more…..

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the environment, take a look at our conservation page.

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