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Enhance Your Dive: Must-Have Scuba Skills for North Sulawesi

Are you preparing for a dive trip to Indonesia? Are you thinking about how to enhance your diving skills based around your chosen destination? An open water certification is just the tip of the iceberg, here are some other great skills and certifications to have when diving in Indonesia, and in particular, in North Sulawesi….

1. Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

diving courses nitrox

Many divers visiting North Sulawesi do so with a Nitrox certification already underneath their belt. Nitrox (also known as enriched air) is diving with an ‘enriched’ version of air that contains more than the 21% oxygen found in regular air tanks. By increasing the percentage of oxygen, the percentage of nitrogen is proportionately decreased, therefore allowing for longer bottom times and/or shorter surface intervals.


Note that diving with nitrox does not enable divers to go deeper and actually decreases the maximum depths due to the risk of oxygen toxicity – yes, oxygen can be toxic when breathed at depth!


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2. Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water Course at Murex Resorts

Divers with an advanced open water certification are certified to dive to 30 meters which opens up more dive sites and opportunities when diving here in North Sulawesi. As well as being certified to dive deeper, you’ll learn a range of other skills including underwater navigation.


You’ll also make 3 further dives during your course and if you plan to take your advanced certification here you can choose from night diving, digital photography, peak performance buoyancy, drift diving, fish identification, search and rescue, wreck diving and boat diving.


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3. Deep Diving

The deep diver specialty teaches divers about the hazards of diving deeper (up to 40 meters), how to plan and execute deep dives and deep diving safety. Most of our dive sites are dived upward of 30 meters, however, this is still a valuable course to take in terms of learning more about depth, pressure and safety.

4. Underwater Photography

Diving Manado

If you want to capture your underwater memories on camera then get started in honing your photography skills before you leave home! At Murex Resorts we have underwater cameras with housings available to rent or you might want to opt for an underwater photography adventure dive with one of our instructors for additional guidance underwater!


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5. Ocean Gardener

Ocean Gardener Coral Farm - Murex resorts

Ocean Gardener Coral Farm


We are proud to offer two Ocean Gardener course options here in North Sulawesi. Choose between a half-day discovery program or a more in-depth three day course.


During your Ocean Gardener program, you will learn more about coral reefs, types of corals, and coral identification and you’ll have the opportunity to visit one of our coral nurseries to see how we plant corals and then use them to restore areas of reef that have suffered from storm or anchor damage. These are fascinating programs and in North Sulawesi, they are exclusive to Murex Resorts.

6. Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy Skills to watch reef and fishHere in North Sulawesi, protecting our coral reefs and marine environments is at the centre of our operations. One of the ways you can help us to achieve this is by having good buoyancy control. Once you have mastered the art of neutral buoyancy and buoyancy control you’ll find that you have much more comfortable and safer diving experiences – and your air consumption will improve significantly too. It’s a win-win!

7. Drift Diving

Getting comfortable in currents will open up new dive sites to you and result in more comfortable dives. Once you have learnt how to safely ‘go with the flow’ rather than fighting currents you will experience more confident and exhilarating dives, along with improved air consumption.

What Next?

If you would like to learn to dive or want to take your next level of PADI Course with us, contact us by email and we will get right back to you.


If scuba diving is not for you – or you are a diver and want to try something new, why not try free diving with us? We offer the full range of AIDA freediving courses right here in North Sulawesi!



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Our resorts are connected by boat diving transfers which means no wasted travel time and even more time underwater as you simply dive your way from resort to resort!



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