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Coral growing frames at Murex Bangka's coral farmnursery

Murex Bangka’s Coral Farm – Become an Ocean Gardener


At Murex Bangka we are passionate about protecting and conserving the natural resources that this beautiful island has to offer. In 2018, as part of our environmental commitment, and in partnership with Ocean Gardener, we have constructed a coral nursery. This very special coral farm shows our dedication to maintaining coral reefs and ensuring the beauty of Bangka Island underwater for generations to come. An ideal way to visit the coral farm – and to add to its growth, is to take an Ocean Gardener program with us and learn how to plant corals of your own.


Ocean Gardening at Bangka Island

Bangka Island’s coral farm and Ocean Gardening

What is a Coral Farm

It’s just like it sounds! An underwater farm where we grow corals! We have eight nursery frames installed in the water and we are growing a selection of hard and soft corals, all of which are native to the shallow, underwater habitat around Bangka. The aim of this project is to recreate areas of reef that have been damaged by storms, anchors, or ghost fishing nets – replanting new corals to grow naturally.


We have also created an underwater classroom where we can teach divers about corals and get them involved in replanting coral fragments during Ocean Gardener Courses.

The Coral Farming Process

The first step is to harvest coral fragments that can be used like ‘seedlings’ to take to the farm to grow. We search in the sand for broken fragments that have broken away from their mother colonies and collect them before taking them to the farm. These fragments would die if left on the sand as there is no solid substrate for them to attach to.


Once at the farm, the fragments are carefully attached to our metal frames – which gives them a solid foundation to start growing! By growing species that are already found around Bangka, in the same habitats, we ensure our coral growth will be suitable to repopulate any areas that have become damaged by storms. While the corals are growing, we regularly visit the farm to check on progress and to clean the corals which can sometimes be susceptible to algae growth.


The final stage of the process comes when the corals have grown large enough to survive out on the reefs. The corals are carefully removed from the frames and taken by boat to an area that needs regenerating – and then they are placed on the reef!



Join us for Ocean Gardening at Bangka Island

Ocean Gardener

The Coral Farm (Education Nursery) is also part of the Ocean Gardener Programs, which we are proud to offer at both Murex Manado and Murex Bangka. Ocean Gardener is an NGO that is dedicated to coral reef education and coral reef restoration.


Since 2016 they’ve planted over 50,000 coral fragments around Indonesia, including assisting us in the creation of our own coral nurseries. The key to our coral gardening project is understanding the names of each coral which can then inform us about what habitats we need to grow them in and what size they will become. Once students in Bangka have completed four coral identification dives they can visit the coral nursery and help with fragmentation and replanting corals. This is an amazing addition to your stay with us!


We are super excited to be maintaining our reefs in this new and innovative way, thanks to the help and direction from Ocean Gardener.


Bangka coral nurseries

Ocean Gardener coral nurseries around Bangka

Internships & Courses

At Murex Manado and Murex Bangka we offer two Ocean Gardener courses, a half day Discover Coral Diving Experience and the Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Certification which is a more in depth three day course. View full information about Ocean Gardener Courses here.


If you would like to stay for longer and fully immerse yourself in learning about corals, marine life, and for a behind-the-scenes look at life in a busy dive resort, let us know. We are always happy to receive applications for internships in a number of fields.


Ocean Gardener coral farm

Become a coral farmer in Bangka

Join the Ocean Gardener Course and Dive Into Our Exciting Project!

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Bangka coral farm

Newly planted corals at our coral farm in Bangka


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