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freediving with turtle

Discover the Benefits: Why You Should Learn Freediving in North Sulawesi

Are you thinking about trying freediving? It’s an incredible way to explore the underwater world and here at Murex, we offer a range of freediving courses to enable you to safely learn freediving, or develop your existing skills.  


In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of freediving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia and how to get started here in North Sulawesi… 

Benefits of Learning Freediving

Help You Manage Stress and Mental Health

Freediving, breathwork and meditation have been proven to have benefits for mental health. Being able to relax your mind, unwind, meditate, and focus on your breathing are also great ways to deal with stress. 

Freediving as Meditation

Freediving with turtle in Bunaken

Freediving with turtles in Bunaken


Speak to any freediver and they will tell you how when freediving feels like underwater meditation. If you like zoning out and clearing your mind from the stresses of everyday life then freediving could be your way to do it. 

During your AIDA freediving course, you’ll learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you feel at peace underwater. These techniques can be used on land too. 

The Fitness Benefits of Freediving

Freediving involves swimming which is a great form of low-impact exercise. Unlike running that can cause injuries to joints (knees, hips, ankles), freediving is gentle and can improve flexibility. Additional benefits can include overall better fitness, improved respiration, and stronger core muscles. 

The Simplicity of Freediving Gear

Apnea freediver underwater

Freediving North Sulawesi


Freediving is a great way to explore underwater and unlike scuba diving, it requires very little equipment. Freedivers primarily use a snorkel, mask, fins, and a weight belt. There are other accessories but this is the basic, essential gear.  

AIDA Courses for Curious Freedivers

If you are someone who loves freediving, then AIDA courses are fascinating. Not only do you learn about the physics of freediving and the human body but also marine life, ocean currents, psychology and so much more! 

Challenges and Confidence

After completing a freediving course you’ll experience a huge boost in confidence. You’ll have achieved a goal that you can be proud of! After each section of the course, you’ll feel your sense of self-esteem boosting. We often hear how this translates to confidence in daily life rocketing too – what a bonus! 

Competitions and Personal Goals

Freediving might be a hobby for you but it is also a sport – if you want it to be. Freediving competitions happen around the world – a great chance for travel! If competitions don’t appeal to you then you can still ‘compete’ against yourself by setting goals and achieving new personal bests. 

Friends Around the World

Denver Diver at Murex Resorts

Group Travel to Murex Resorts


Freediving is a great opportunity to meet new and like minded people. An important factor in freediving is the buddy system. You’ll never freedive alone. When you stay at Murex Resorts you’ll meet people from around the world, in fact, you’ll meet freedivers wherever you travel. There are multiple online freediving groups on social media and group travel possibilities are endless. 

Remember, freediving isn’t just about stunning reefs and new connections – it’s about shared responsibility. Mastering the buddy system ensures everyone returns to the surface safely. Learn how to be a “5 Ways to be a Better Buddy” with our expert guide and dive with confidence, knowing you’re in it together.

Travel the World through Freediving

If you love to travel then freediving provides you with a great chance to do so. It’s an opportunity to explore oceans around the world while knowing that you will meet people who have something in common with you wherever you go. 

Explore new places and meet new people – the world is your oyster! 

Experience Freediving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Freediving in Bunaken

Corals in Bunaken, North Sulawesi

Explore Bunaken, North Sulawesi


The walls, drop-offs and coral gardens around Bunaken showcase some of the best hard corals in North Sulawesi. When freediving in Bunaken, we have warm water, crystal-clear visibility and a huge population of resident sea turtles. You’ll also see schooling fish and an array of diverse marine life. 

Freediving in Bangka

Soft Corals in Bangka, North Sulawesi

Soft Corals in Bangka, North Sulawesi


Bangka’s soft coral reefs are literally kaleidoscopic. As you take a look beneath the surface you will be greeted by a rainbow of colors. The sloping reefs and pinnacles are teeming with life and the marine life action is non-stop.

For an even more immersive experience, freediving in Bangka‘s crystal-clear waters becomes a true haven.

Dynamic and Static Apnea

We offer a full range of freediving and AIDA courses. Whether you are new to freediving and want to learn or a certified freediver who wants to develop, our freediving center can certainly help!

AIDA courses cover both static and dynamic apnea. 

What is Static Apnea?

Static apnea is also known as ‘breath holding’. This is undertaken at the surface of the water and focuses on your breathing and mindset. This is usually conducted in our freediving pool at Murex Manado. It helps you to practice the skills you’ll need in the ocean in a safe and confined environment. 

What is Dynamic Apnea?

Dynamic apnea is what appeals to most underwater explorers and marine enthusiasts. It’s during your dynamic apnea dives that you’ll be using your static skills to dive down and explore what lies beneath! 

AIDA Courses in North Sulawesi 

If you would like to learn to freedive or want to take your next level of AIDA course with us, contact us by email and we will get right back to you. 

Did you know that you can freedive three destinations in one trip? Check out our Passport to Paradise Below… 

Join Us For A Passport To Paradise


Three distinct destinations brought together by Passport to Paradise


If you are trying to decide where to stay and learn freediving in North Sulawesi then why not join us for a Passport to Paradise? Instead of limiting yourself to one destination, you can explore all three of our distinct destinations in one easy trip: Bunaken, Bangka , and Lembeh. 

Our resorts are connected by boat transfers which means no wasted travel time and even more time underwater as you simply freedive your way from resort to resort! 

Get In Touch! 

Contact us at You may also want to check out Murex Resorts’ rates and reserve your spot now. 

We look forward to welcoming you to North Sulawesi! 


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