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Mask Fogging Diving Tips

How to Care for your Scuba Diving Mask and Prevent Mask Fogging

Have you bought a new mask? Do you know how to care for it and how to prevent mask fogging? Your scuba diving mask may not be the most technical piece of gear that you own but it is absolutely essential and just like your BCD and regulator, it needs carefully looking after.


Mask fogging during a dive can be incredibly frustrating and even quite stressful, but how do you prevent it from happening?


New Scuba Diving Masks and Mask Fogging

Mask manufacturers coat masks with a thin layer of silicone which allows them to be stacked on top of each other without the lenses becoming scratched. Until this layer of silicone has been removed it will cause mask fogging. The layer will eventually wear off but it will take time.


To remove the layer in one step take a small amount of toothpaste (not whitening toothpaste as it contains abrasive crystals which will scratch the lenses) and rub it over the inside of the lenses. For best results leave the toothpaste overnight and then rinses it out in the morning before diving. If you don’t have toothpaste available you can also use dish washing soap, baby shampoo or use a commercial de-fogging spray.


New Scuba Diving Masks



  • Check the Strap: Stretch out your mask strap and check for any fine cracks. If you find any cracks, replace the strap immediately. If you are using a fabric mask strap guard be sure to check the strap underneath it.
  • Check the Skirt: The silicone skirt around the mask is what ensures a good seal between the mask and your face. With heavy use, being stored in a squashed position and over time, small cracks may appear which result in leaks. Some models of mask allow you to replace the skirt, others however have integral skirts which cannot be replaced – in which case it’s time for a new mask!
  • Check all the buckles and any joints on the mask for splits, cracks or clogs.
  • Follow the steps above for treating a new mask before every single dive. Use toothpaste, baby shampoo, defog or even good old spit and rinse the mask before you get in the water.
  • Make sure the strap is not too tight – the water pressure will hold it in place during the dive and an over tight strap can be uncomfortable and causes unnecessary strain on the strap itself.


Cleaning mask before descending

Cleaning your mask before descending is something all divers do


During Your Dive

  • It is likely that at some point during your dives your mask will leak slightly or you’ll experience mask fogging. If this is the case, stay calm and allow a small amount of water into the mask and use it to rinse away the fog. Clear the water out of the mask (see below) once the fog has been removed.
  • If you feel comfortable in doing so, you can flood the mask entirely and then clear it. To clear the mask underwater, push the top of the mask tight again you forehead, take a deep breath in and the blow out through your nose while looking up. If there is some residual water in the mask, repeat the process again until all of the water is out.


Watching critters with clear and clean mask

A clean & clear mask is essential to look at beautiful critters


Post Dive

  • Rinse and dry your mask after every dive – just as you do with the rest of your gear. Avoid leaving your mask in the rinse tank so it is not damaged by other items. Hang to dry in the shade (or towel dry). Drying the mask in direct sunlight can dry out the silicone skirt and stap which results in cracking.
  • Detatch the snorkel from the mask prior to storing to prevent the snorkel from snagging the mask strap.
  • If your mask came in a box when you purchased it, this is the best place to store it to prevent scratches and a deformed skirt.
  • If you do not have the original box, store the mask in a place where it will not be scratched or squashed.


Mask fogging

The original box is the safest place to store your mask


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