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10 Reasons to Visit North Sulawesi, Indonesia


Are you trying to decide where to go on your next holiday? Are you considering a trip to Indonesia? With over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian Archipelago it can be difficult deciding where to go and what to do.


North Sulawesi is centrally located in Indonesia and offers a wide range of activities and everything you would expect from a tropical holiday destination.


Here are 10 reasons why North Sulawesi should be on your bucket list!

Bangka Island Murex

For a tropical holiday, look no further than North Sulawesi.

1. One-Stop Destination for Indonesian Adventure

If you are making a long haul trip to Indonesia, it’s understandable that you want this to be the trip of a lifetime and to maximize your time while you are here. North Sulawesi includes the Sulawesi mainland and several outlaying islands so you can explore different areas in one trip rather than be limited to one location.


Murex Resorts: Passport to Paradise


Three distinct destinations brought together by Passport to Paradise


If you like the idea of seeing more, check out our Passport to Paradise which takes you from the the tropical shores and nearby highlands of Manado, through to the white sand beach, paradise island of Bangka and finally to the lush island of Lembeh. You’ll be able to experience all of the highlights below in one epic trip!


Do you want to combine your trip with Bali, Raja Ampat or elsewhere in Indonesia? Manado airport provides easy access to all other areas so planning a combination package has never been easier!


2. World Class Scuba Diving

Indonesia is known for offering the best scuba diving on the planet and North Sulawesi goes to prove it! Dive the Bunaken Marine Park from Murex Manado and see the stunning coral walls that this spectacular marine area is famous for. You’ll lose count of the number of turtles you see and the corals and reef life is second to none.


Bangka Island offers kaleidoscopic reefs and is teeming with life and the Lembeh Strait is known as the critter capital of the world due to it’s abundance of rare and unusual marine life.


Discover the surprising variety of common critters that call this vibrant ecosystem home, from peacock mantis shrimp to spanish dancer, in our article: Common Critters Of Manado Bay.


dive North Sulawesi

Diving around Bunaken and Bangka Island is world-class and teeming with life

3. Snorkeling Paradise

Imagine snorkeling over pristine reefs and through clouds of colorful fish – this is a snorkeler’s dream come true. Easy conditions, great visibility and warm water make North Sulawesi suitable for all levels of snorkelled.


We recommend snorkeling in all three locations (Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh) with our Passport to Paradise to see the widest variety of marine life.

Murex Bangka Island snorkeling

Snorkel in crystal clear waters, just a step off the beach

4. Culture Vulture

The colorful culture of North Sulawesi is like no-where else on earth. Explore the warugas which are centuries old graves where families were buried and “stacked”, discover the small fishing and farming communities around Lake Tondano and venture in to the traditional markets where everything from steak to snake and from bat to cat are on offer!


The rich culture of North Sulawesi is an adventure all on it’s own.

Lake Tondano North Sulawesi

Small fishing communities flourish around Lake Tondano

5. Land of Smiling People

North Sulawesi is known as the “Land of Smiling People” and from the moment you touch down you’ll understand why. The people here are incredibly friendly and intrigued by those from overseas.


You’ll find smiling faces every step of the way, and our teams at both Murex Manado and Murex Bangka are no exception. From offering a simple welcome drink on arrival to making sure all of your needs are met, they’ll ensure you have a memorable stay.

Children North Sulawesi

The children in North Sulawesi are always curious about visitors

6. Natural Beauty Hotspots

If you want to see stunning natural beauty, then North Sulawesi is a must. The North Sulawesi Highlands offer rich and fertile lands where coffee, rice, and tea plantations sit among rolling hills and volcanic peaks. Lake Tondano (600 meters above sea level) is a crater lake which stretches as far as the eye can see, there are nearby waterfalls, stunning vistas and an incredible array of flora and fauna.


Closer to the shores of North Sulawesi you’ll find virgin white sand beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear waters and kaleidoscopic reefs which are teeming with life.


Waterfalls Minahasan highlands

Waterfalls are a highlight of the highlands in the North Sulawesi


Murex Resorts’ Land Tours

Sulawesi ToursDive deeper into the essence of North Sulawesi with Murex Resorts’ Land Tours packages. Unlock the hidden gems of North Sulawesi, from a geothermal hot spring day trip or immerse yourself in the vibrant Minahasan culture, there’s an adventure for every soul with Murex’s Land Tours.


So, dive into the ocean, then dive into adventure!


7. Food Frenzy

The people of North Sulawesi are passionate about their food and as well as enjoying Indonesian classics they have an array of North Sulawesi traditional dishes which should not be missed out on. Seafood features highly in this region as do aromatic flavors and bold spices.


Try babi buluh which is pork mixed with aromats and baked inside a bamboo stick over an open fire, taste the local “sambal” (chili sauce) or enjoy freshly grilled fish straight from the ocean. If you’d like to learn more about the traditional cuisine, why not take a cooking class with one of our chefs while you are here?

Babi Buluh Manado

“Babi Buluh” waiting to be baked on an open fire

8. Family Holidays

North Sulawesi has activities for all ages and there’s always something new and exciting for younger family members to see or try. At Murex Dive Resorts we are family friendly and our teams of staff like nothing more than keeping little ones entertained while you enjoy some quality down time.


At Murex Manado the kids will love playing in the pool and exploring the gardens, and at Murex Bangka they’ll enjoy shell collecting, building sandcastles and snorkeling or swimming in the crystal clear waters just a step off the beach.


For snorkeling experiences that will leave your little ones wide-eyed with wonder, explore our guide to the “Best Snorkeling Sites in North Sulawesi“.

North Sulawesi, Nord Sulawesi, Celebes Sea, Murex Manado

North Sulawesi, Nord Sulawesi, Celebes Sea, Murex Manado

9. Rest and Relaxation

If rest and relaxation time are on your holiday wish-list we can help with that too. Our Nature Spa at Murex Manado offers a range of beauty treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures so you can literally lay back and indulge in some serious pampering.


If the spa is not your thing, why not chill out by our oceanfront pool with a cold drink and take in the view across the ocean or, on Bangka Island drift away in a hammock while listening to the waves lapping on the beach.

Bangka Island Hammock

Drift away in a hammock on Bangka Island

10. Flora and Fauna

North Sulawesi is home to lush tropical rain forests, volcanic peaks and lakes and stunning beaches. These dramatic landscapes are home to some of the rarest and most unusual species of plants and animals on earth – including numerous endemic species.


Take a trek through the Tangkoko National Park and you’ll find troops of black crested macaques in their natural habitat and towards the end of the day the world’s smallest primate, the tarsier monkey usually makes an appearance!


As well as terrestrial life, North Sulawesi is famous for its diversity of marine life – look out for everything from breaching sperm whales and dugongs through to the minute pygmy seahorses which live on the coral fans. For nature lovers this is the trip of a lifetime!


Dugongs are seen around Bangka and Bunaken Islands

Make North Sulawesi Your Next Reality with Murex Resorts

Ready to dive into your own Indonesian adventure? At Murex Resorts, we offer world-class dive and snorkel experiences, luxurious havens to call home, and a team ready to make your North Sulawesi dreams a reality. 


Explore our diverse packages, discover our competitive rates, and let us be your gateway to this unforgettable paradise. Contact us today at and start planning your North Sulawesi journey – the memories await.



Dive, Snorkel and Explore More with us in beautiful North Sulawesi.

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