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Meet our new Murex Bangka Resort Managers

We are very happy to welcome Olivier Nelis and Miyah as our new Murex Bangka Resort Managers . With their experience and love for diving they will enhance your Murex experience even more.

Olivier has worked in the hospitality industry for his entire life including many years working on 5 star plus American Cruise Liners. He worked his way up from waiter to Maitre ‘D until 10 years ago when he started diving and decided to change his career. He worked firstly as a Divemaster to gain more diving experience and then in 2009 he did his IDC in Thailand and became a PADI Dive Instructor.

In the beginning he started just with just teaching but pretty quickly it evolved into managing a dive base. He doesn’t like to get bored so he prefers a nice mix between guiding, teaching and organising. In his free time he likes to ride his chopper motorcycle or to enjoy a good book. Olivier is a Belgium native and speaks Dutch, French, German, English and Italian and he can teach PADI courses in all of these languages.

Oilvier and Miyah in Bali

Oilvier and Miyah in Bali

Miyah has worked for many years as a Spa Therapist. She started in Bali until she was offered a job in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Hainan Island, China. After two and a half years she decided to widen her horizons and move on to the Maldives. Miyah has a great love for water and anything to do with the sea. She always dreamed of becoming a diver.

Three and a half years ago Olivier and Miyah met in the Maldives and Miyah’s dream came true! Miyah did the Open Water Course, AOW, Rescue and EFR course with Olivier and also decided that she wanted to do her DM. For her DM course they decided to move away from the Maldives so she could dive with a different instructor to gain more experience. They found the perfect Dive Center on The Gili Islands, Lombok, not too far from Miyah’s Parents in Denpasar, Bali. Miyah successfully completed her DM Internship and started her IDC but had to quit due to an ear perforation. Miyah is a native Indonesian and speaks both Indonesian and English. During their last job they were the GM’s of Padang Bai Beach Resort & Absolute Scuba in Bali.

Last February Olivier and Miyah got married and they are now continuing their love of diving and the dive industry with us here at Murex as our new Murex Bangka Resort Managers

Olivier and Miyah at Murex Bangka

Olivier and Miyah at their new home

We wish them both the best of luck as our new Murex Bangka Resort Managers and they will provide you with the best service you can imagine.


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