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Free snorkel lesson and House Reef dive

The walls and reefs in the Bunaken National Park and around Bangka Island are some of the best in the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a diver to experience them; snorkelers can admire the beauty of these amazing marine ecosystems as well. The combination of shallow reef tops and staggering bio-diversity, over 1000 species of fish, and more than 600 types of coral means you will never run out of new and wonderful things to see. It’s also not unusual for marine mammals to be seen on the boat rides to and from the resort. It all adds up to a snorkeling trip you will remember for a lifetime.

House reef snorkeling Bangka

Murex Bangka House Reef snorkeling

We understand that not all of our guests feel confident enough to go off and snorkel by themselves. To help you with this we offer a free snorkeling lesson included in every accommodation package booked for Murex Manado and/or Murex Bangka. You will be taught how to keep your mask from fogging and how to fix it if it does, how to breathe from and clear your snorkel, and how to properly use your fins. After the lesson, you will get a thorough briefing about our house reef and off you go. Quickly you will master the simple skills you learned and then you will be ready to go on the boat where you can snorkel carefree over shallow reef flats that teem with life and walls that drop into the abyss. Let us know upon check-in, if you would like to take advantage of our snorkel lesson.


Murex Manado House Reef entry

For divers who just can’t get enough bottom time (like us dive junkies) we offer a free, unguided house reef dive with every day of diving booked in your dive package. This will enable you to do up to three guided boat dives per day and after that explore the house reefs at either Murex Manado & Murex Bangka by yourself. Our house reefs are full of critters waiting to be discovered and with our installed buoy system you will always be able to find your way back to the entry/exit area.

Are you a night dive lover? This free, unguided house reef dive can also be done at night to see the strange critters that come out when the sun goes down.



If you want to use your free tank but would prefer that a guided dive joins you, no problem. For a small surcharge, we are happy to send one of our guides with you and he or she will show you the critters and handle the navigation too.

For complete information on this please approach one of our supervisors or the dive center manager at either one of the resorts and they will be happy to provide you with all the needed information.


Dive, Snorkel and Explore More with us in beautiful North Sulawesi.

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