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8 Essential Scuba Diving Techniques

Dive Like A Pro!

It’s easy with time to forget some of the basic diving techniques which we learned on our scuba training courses. To refresh your memory here are 8 diving tips which will help you to dive like a Pro, whatever your level, and enjoy safer and more comfortable dives.

Bunaken scuba diver

Dive like a pro…..

Diving Techniques

1. If you haven’t done so already, keep a logbook. It’s not just for recording your marine life sightings. You can keep track of your air consumption, weights required when using different gear and note down when equipment has been serviced. If used fully, logbooks are an invaluable tool which will save you time later.

Diving technique logbook

Keep a logbook, logbooks are an invaluable tool which will save you time later.

2. Remember to use good judgement in every aspect of diving. If you don’t feel 100% fit, take a rest day. At Murex we offer numerous North Sulawesi tours or you can chill out at the poolside after being pampered in the spa.

3. Listen to dive site briefings. Murex Dive Resort Dive Guides have 1000’s of dives experience in these waters and give thorough briefings so you know what to expect from each dive site before getting into the water. They’ll also give important information such as maximum depth, dive time, buddy pairs, relevant diving techniques and incredible marine life to look out for.

Dive guide briefing Murex

Listen to dive site briefings

4. Remember to make your buddy checks. These are not just for beginners. Take your time and go slowly through the steps: BCD, Weights, Releases, Air and Final Okay. When checking your air, watch your gauge to make sure the needle does not move when you breathe.

5. Problems beginning the descent? Make sure you fully extend your inflator hose above your head to allow the BCD to deflate. Look down and breath out slowly while remaining calm. Maintain a head up, feet down position and equalize often. Controlling your descent when wall diving in Bunaken is important so you don’t go too deep and also when reef or muck diving in Bangka and Lembeh so you don’t make contact with the bottom.

6. Get to grips with your buoyancy. Try not to feel frustrated if it takes you the first couple of dives to get back into it – buoyancy is one of the more difficult diving techniques to master. Perform a buoyancy check at the start of your dive and remember to compensate for when your tank becomes more buoyant at the end of the dive. Don’t overweight yourself though – you’ll use more air and be less streamlined in the water. Improve you buoyancy and you’ll be conserving the amazing dive sites of Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh here in North Sulawesi.

buoyancy diving techniques

Buoyancy is one of the more difficult diving techniques to master.

7. When you are underwater, take it slowly – diving is not a race! By maintaining neutral buoyancy you’ll find that you can move easily through the water and your air will last longer. Here in North Sulawesi we have one of the most diverse marine systems on the planet. Slow down and you’ll see even more of it.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask! Our Murex Dive Guides are underwater experts so if there is anything you are not sure of or diving techniques you need some assistance with, just let them know and they will be happy to help.

Have you got any questions about diving techniques? Feel free to ask us any questions in the comments box below – we are here to help.

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